You are strong!

You are strong!

Before Torsten is leaving to Philippines for his diving exam, he decided to organise a bike ride to Taman Saujana Hijau. On Sunday morning, 13 of us gathered at the company's house to get the rented bike after having breakfast in Shaftesbury.

We started our journey around 8.15am from the company's house. It was a wonderful morning with cleared sky and nice weather. We took a rest after the first 5km ride by the lake.


After that, we continued our journey to Taman Saujana Hijau. We had to exit the lake and enter the main road. The road was hilly all the way to the entrance of the destination. The gaps between all of us were even further than before. Some of us decided to push the bike up.

We entered Taman Saujana Hijau after waiting for everyone's arrival. The route was steep and definitely a tough one for beginner like me. Some of us were having rest in the middle of track while waiting for Eric's arrival without knowing that he was already at the top of the hill with others. Some of us were in the midst of giving up for the hill, Torsten came down and waited for us.

"You are strong," said Torsten.

In the mean time, Amin is being Amin.

The support and encouragement from Torsten motivated us and we made it to the top! The view from the top was spectacular. It was surrounded with greenery landscape and flowers. There were a few romantic Greek-inspired hut to check out! It is suitable for a wedding shoot!

'Amin being Amin' Part 2

Be careful when going down from the hill with a bike as it is steep and dangerous. The speed can go as fast as 70km/hr!


Our first stop was the Lookout Tower. It is the highest point in the wetland, standing tall at the height of 80m.

From the tower, we were able to catch different views of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. We were able to spot iTech Tower from here too!

It was a great resting spot as well!

While we were finding the way out from the lake, we spotted pelicans and swans.


We had our lunch at the center which situated just right beside the Putrajaya Lake. There are small islands on the lake. While waiting for others to finish their lunch, some of us decided to go for kayaking. It was an impromptu planning. It cost RM10 for single kayak and RM15 for double with the duration of 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes, we continued our journey to Putrajaya Botanical Garden for the Moroccan Pavilion. For a first timer who visited this place, it was definitely an eye-opening experience. Every angle of the building is picturesque!

We paid RM3 to enter the gallery. Photo and video taking are prohibited. Shoes are not allowed as well. In the gallery, different settings of room decoration are showcased to exhibit the culture of different cities in Morocco.


Putrajaya reminded me of Yeouido in South Korea. The buildings were situated and aligned in a similar way. The roads were similarly quiet and empty.
We had our cendol and coconut juice cravings fixed under the hot sun. It was perfect Malaysian beverages that one can wish for under this weather.

Water dispensers were spotted in some corners of main Putrajaya street. All of us were delighted to have our water bottles filled up.

We continued our journey back to the company’s house. Along the journey, we passed by several notable buildings that can be found in Putrajaya. The entire road was flat and not many cars were spotted.

Towards the end of the bridge, we had to carry our own bike down to the stairs and basically that was the end of our Putrajaya tour. Thank you Torsten for carrying the bike down the stairs for me.

That was the end of our biking tour!

The whole tour took around 8 hours and we had succeeded in completing almost 40km distance. It was tiring but challenging! It was a great experience and all of us managed to complete it.